Nooni Media Animation Extravaganza

It's fun.

ArtistGamerGal's Comments on the Extra Credit Round Entries

BobyB64: Very nice little animation here! You really do nice frame by frame. One mistake I noticed here was that the character’s hand was backwards when he was flicking the coin. We should have been able to see his curled fingers here. Also would have liked to see a little more expression in the character as far as him maybe having pupils or a mouth. I think this would have been simple to add without much further effort. A ground plane or background of some kind would have also been nice. Overall good effort!

HDRevill: Very funny and clever idea! Made me chuckle. For one frame in the close up shot the arms and hands are gone and then appear in the second frame which would have been a simple error to fix. I’m glad you drew a background and colored this, however, the brick wall is poorly drawn. I also still think you need a better microphone for your voice work.

Hikarian: This is a nice little animation! The coin flipping through the air is very smooth. The head on the character is a bit large compared to the tiny hands since this character seems to be trying to have more realistic proportions. A good indication to know if hands are large enough is if they can cover half the face. If not, they are too small, especially for a male. The character has nice emotion and I know what he’s thinking. I would still say the timing is a bit even, like you use around the same amount of frames during a pause on each key frame and at times, the same amount of in-betweens from pose to pose. Try to avoid being so even with your timing and it will look more life-like.

MihaP: This is nice loop. There is some decent inbetweening in here since morphing animations can be difficult. I would’ve liked to have seen this pushed a little further, like maybe it morphs into more things or that you add color to this that slowly changes from one object to the next as it morphs. There’s some nice motion in here, but I’d also liked to see some varied speeds as well so the timing isn’t so perfectly even all the way through.

sandwich-eater: Poor kitty! That coin must have been going fast! I would have liked to have seen some kind of background in this. Even just solid colors, a gradient, or even just a ground plane. I also think the hand could have been drawn a bit better, perhaps define the wrist a bit more and make the fingers a bit more rectangular so it looks like it has bones in it instead of just sausage fingers. I would’ve also like to have seen the coin move more 3 dimensionally by actually turning it around a bit since I have a hard time believing it would stay that straight throughout this entire action.